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Workflow And Document Design

Flexible Workflows

Document delivery options are much-evolved today. Virtually every organization has a value-added option to outsource critical document support to service companies that specialize in sensible handling and design solutions. BDI is a product of this evolution of specialized services.

As a service provider, we grew while also creating task-specific solutions to meet customer needs. We never stopped developing new ways to improve performance and accuracy.

What we learned and developed since 1984, has culminated in workflow adaptations that are flexible and powerful enough to handle applications large and small ... simple or complex ... at performance speeds that our customers have come to understand and appreciate.


  • Integrated Job Submittal (Web-based client instructions)
  • Automatic Job Triggering (at completion of file download)
  • Content Validation (via application-based parsing scripts)
  • Data Aggregation (including 3rd part file import)
  • Node-based Quality Control (incl. change controls)
  • Online Job Approval (for all Web or Print/Mail jobs)
  • Email advisory system (client-side as well as in-house)
  • Customized Document Design (for all document or data streams)
  • Targeted Marketing (Transpromo) functionality

A good example of workflow "flexibility" can be found at Statement Job: A Case Study.

Statement Design And Composition

To meet the demand for continuing requests to be innovative with document design, we combine unique parsing techniques with optimum composition tools in order to create HTML, PCL, Postscript and PDF outputs to your specification.

A few of the criteria considered during design include:

  • Marketing elements to focus user attention to offers.
  • Data aggregation for consolidation of reporting content.
  • li>
  • Space-saving analysis to reduce paper and postage costs.
  • Design layout and preferences.

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Updated: April 2020

  • BDI specializes in outsource solutions for financial transactional documents and client communications including E-Statements, Print Mail, Direct Marketing and Archival Retention.

    Based in Inglewood, Calif., and celebrating 36 years in business, BDI provides multi-channel delivery solutions for a range of vertical markets and document types. The company combines innovative technology solutions with an unwavering commitment to provide a superior customer experience.

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