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Archive Creation and Retention

Choose The Best Fit For You Institution

Document retention is a compliance requirement for a majority of our customers, especially credit unions, banks and retail customers. For this reason, we always strive to deliver the service solution that fits the customer's needs. There are options to choose from:

  • PDF Export - with indexing unique for your storage platform (when needed)
  • Web Hosting - short or long-term storage of your documents
  • PDF Export with Search Engine - easy upload for use on local network
  • DVD with Search Engine - shipped for in-house use and long-term storage
  • In-House Document Conversion - to help you eliminate document backlogs

PDF Export For In-House Archive Systems

PDF is the typical requirement for our customers to ensure that they have exact samples of the documents we compose and deliver. Our goal is to furnish the exact package you need for easy import to your in-house system. We are familiar with a majority of popular platforms.

Web Hosting

An extension of our E-Statement services, your documents are securely stored on out eDelivery platform and configured for use by your institution and staff. Custom administration tools allow each customer to control user access and provide access reporting as well. We support all documents created at BDI as well as those imported from another source.

PDF Export With Search Engine

An alternative to CD/DVD, a document retention archive can be securely uploaded for use on your local network. This service comes with built-in search capabilities and is updated monthly according to your requriements.

DVD with Search Engine

Some customers require DVDs and we continue to provide support for those who need it. Features include built-in search capabilities with monthly updates for document indexing.

In-House Conversion

If your are confronted with over-flowing file cabinets or backlogged documents you always meant to convert to archive, we can help you bring your storage requirements to present time by arranging a conversion plan to fit your institution. Let us know what you need. We have experienced partners in several parts of the country.

"Along with printing and mailing six separate statement jobs, BDI has helped us introduce custom-design statements, including eStatements, to our customers. The eStatements product included "cancelled check" viewing and the exact features we needed. This resulted in e-Branch becoming our fastest growing service product over the next year.

We are pleased that BDI has been able to stay on the forefront of technology and allow us to offer our banking customers the products and services that they need and want." (RM)

eStatements posted

Tree 74,500
trees saved

Money $141 million
postage savings

Saving green
wherever we can!

Updated: March 2019

  • BDI specializes in the creation and delivery of documents and client communications for Web Channels, Traditional Mail and Archive Storage.

    Our mission is to match solutions to customer need with a keen eye on future technology and service requirements.

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