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Virtual Strongbox

BDI is pleased to announce support for this industry-specific service alternative. We believe Virtual StrongBox is a "right kind" service which parallels our own desire to bring only "best-in-class" services to our customers. (View press release HERE.)

Virtual StrongBox

A Sensible Digital Storage Strategy

As the world edges away from traditional delivery and storage solutions, it becomes increasingly important that end-users have viable alternatives for handling both short and long-term retention needs.

Virtual StrongBox combines the peace of mind of a safe deposit box with the convenience of a digital storage solution which can link to any Online Banking platform.

Under The Covers

There is a lot going on with Virtual StrongBox so we strongly recommend you take a test drive with us to discover how it can serve your institution. Here are a few points to consider:

  • "Pay your way" strategy minimizes entry cost while not blocking member growth.
  • Seamless integration with OLB/MOLB, PFM and other wealth management systems.
  • "Responsive Design" ensures compatibility with Mobile and Desktop devices.
  • AES 256-bit encryption and Perfect Forward Security (PFS) active.
  • Enterprise File Exchange allows document share and reduces operational costs.

Get The Facts!

Call us, send us an EMAIL, or visit our CONTACT page to schedule a test drive. It could be time to include this service in your operational strategy.

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Updated: April 2017

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