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Direct Marketing Support For All Your Projects

A Complete Solution

Since 1984, BDI has delivered a "single-source" option for the delivery of financial documents. From press-print to final postal delivery, we help our customers contain costs while ensuring a secure and efficient document delivery channel. One stop ... many solutions!

Easy-To-Read ... Intelligent Design

The millions of documents we deliver monthly are testimony to the confidence placed in our organization. A large part of that confidence is derived from our commitment to deliver a document that fits your institution.

Whether you need a custom design (a service we specialize in) or wish to select from many existing templates, we make sure that the result is compliant, marketing-strong and delivered
to your exact specifications. A few advantages or items to consider include:

  • Intelligent formatting / design improves company image
  • Improved reability reduces customer inquiry (in the least)
  • Aggregation of content eliminates delivery of multiple documents
  • "Targeted" marketing improves response to campaign offers
  • Content validation greatly reduces possibility of reporting error
  • Rapid delivery gains quicker response time along all channels
  • Consolidated design reduces postage costs
  • Savings / Checking
  • Mortgage Billing
  • Patient Billing
  • Credit Card
  • MICR Check Support
  • Annual Statements
  • Tax Reporting

"BDI will regularly tie our Pre-Approval campaigns to the monthly statement cycle to ensure
that we present our offers across several different channels. We lean heavily on this approach because the 'statement reporting' channel is usually very effective. This applies to E-Statements as well as printed statements." (MA)

eStatements posted

Tree 58,200
trees saved

Money $99,869,755
postage savings

We are saving everyone some green!

Updated: April 2017

  • BDI specializes in composition and delivery solutions across Web, Mail, Archive and Marketing channels.

    Our mission is to build and deliver critical solutions and services with a keen eye on the needs of our customers and the demands of future technologies.

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TransPromo is a coined phrase for "targeted marketing" and related functionality. It applies to many facets of document creation and is not limited to any particular form of delivery.

By example, adding promotion to transaction-related documents often holds tactical advantage over separate delivery. Financial documents typically garner greater end-user attention . These documents, mailed or web-delivered, are a prime category for marketing and compliance-level communications.

TransPromo support is broadly available and includes:

This service includes personalized, "one-to-one" communications for all messages and attachments.

For more information, contact us to discover how this service can support your needs.