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What We Do - Our Services And Products

BDI Difference

In these pages, we hope you find much of what we DO and a bit on HOW we do it. If you need more details or have a particular question, please call us or contact us here and we will get back to you right away.


Since the 2001 release of our E-Statement service, we have continued to set new standards for design, security and marketing. Today, our Responsive Design e-delivery offering, stands as an industry leader in favor of a new generation of customer users.

Print/Mail Fulfillment

This core, founding service is an integral part of our operation with unique workflow technologies geared to meet the service needs of small and large institutions on jobs of every size ... backed by postal presort facility second to none in our industry.

Direct Marketing

One of our oldest services, today's choices are stronger than ever with support for both print and electronic channels. We have invested and innovated to complement your marketing needs according to your targets.

Graphic Press

Top quality printing and warehousing of your job componentsis is a fundamental part of your critical production. You should never have to worry about quality or timely delivery of any of your printed goods.

Document Archive

Configured to meet your import or presentation needs, we make sure that the PDF content we provide meets your institution's needs ... export, presentment or backup ... we have your security and and policy needs in mind.

Virtual StrongBox

Combine the peace of mind of a safe deposit box with the convenience of a digital storage solution and you have a new service you can offer your customers. Not to worry, StrongBox is compatible with any Online Banking platform and painless and cost-effective to install.

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The following are document/communication categories commonly recognized in our industry. They are presented here to illustrate support capabilities. In fact, BDI supports a range of document production services and will configure the optimum delivery solution for your institution. Call us or contact us to clarify how we can help.

Financial Statements

Since 1984, BDI has built a reputation of consistent and reliable delivery service in this category. With reliable growth and innovation, we are proud to be a national leader for Statement delivery.

Periodic Notices

When mid-to-small volume jobs need to be outsourced, you can count on us to compose and deliver them per your specifications. Large or small ... simple or complex ... this service is geared for same-day service across mail, archive and e-delivery channels.

Tax Form Reporting

Outsourced delivery of tax compliance documents is almost always the most cost effective solution. As with all our services, we ensure delivery per your spcifications for every document your institution may need help with.

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Production Workflow / Design

From complex statements to simpler notices, every scheduled job is supported by a workflow configured to keep your jobs flowing accurately and on time. We hope this page explains a bit about The BDI Difference when it comes to processing and delivery.

Statement Job: Actual Case

Review the criteria of a production job that reflects the marketing flexibility available to marketing professionals as well as "content aggregation" features frequently applied in our unique production environment.

eStatements posted

Tree 45,723
trees saved

Money $78,637,603
postage savings

We are saving everyone some green!

Updated: March 2016

  • BDI specializes in composition and delivery solutions across Web, Mail, Archive and Marketing channels.

    Our mission is to build and deliver critical solutions and services with a keen eye on the needs of our customers and the demands of future technologies.

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