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Industry Platforms and Systems Supported

A National Presence in Document and Communication Delivery Solutions

BDI has become much more than a regional provider of critical document solutions. Established
in 1984, we are proud of a tradition where customer service is a first priority. This simply means that BDI is committed to providing strategic communications and document solutions for a new generation of banking customers.

Core Processing Platforms

Although we are always adding new ones, the following is a list of core processors we support. Confidence is high that we can handle any valid and reliable data construct.

  • CMC
  • CUSA
  • Corelation
  • EPL
  • Fiserv (CBS)
  • Fiserv (CUBE)
  • OSI
  • Fiserv (Summit)
  • Fiserv (XP Systems)
  • Fiserv (Integrasys)
  • Fiserv (USERS)
  • Jack Henry (Symitar)
  • Metavante
  • re:MemberData
  • Sharetec CU Systems
  • Harland (Ultradata)

Online Banking Platforms

We work closely with each implementation to ensure sure that our customers never have "single sign-on" or other issues.

  • Cavion (Harland Financial)
  • Connect FSS
  • Digital Insight (Intuit)
  • Fidelity Nat'l Info Services
  • IntegraSys (FiServ)
  • ORCC (Online Resources Corp.)
  • OSI (Open Solutions, Inc.)
  • PM Systems Corporation
  • Postilion
  • Q2 Software (PSCU Financial)
  • Member Connect Web (Symitar/Jack Henry)
  • UltraAccess (Ultradata/Harland)
  • Summit (FiServ)
  • Share One
  • WRG (Wescom Resources Group)
  • NetTeller (Jack Henry)

Check Link Repositories

A built-in feature of eStatements includes an option to link directly to end-user check images. BDI makes sure connections are stable when this feature is requested.

  • Associated Bank
  • Bank of the West
  • Bluepoint
  • Catalyst CFCU (formerly Western Bridge)
  • Empire Corp. (now Alloya CCU)
  • FedLine Web (Federal Reserve)
  • Fidelity
  • FirstCorp
  • ISNteAccess (OSI)
  • Members United (now Alloya CCU)
  • Southeast CFCU
  • VSoft

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our technical staff are always available for consultation.

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Updated: April 2017

  • BDI specializes in composition and delivery solutions across Web, Mail, Archive and Marketing channels.

    Our mission is to build and deliver critical solutions and services with a keen eye on the needs of our customers and the demands of future technologies.

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