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Electronic Document Solutions That Make Sense

E-Statements E-Notices E-Archive

E-Presentment services are scalable to client requirements and are compatible with all core processing systems and online banking platforms. Ongoing innovations place this service on the forefront of e-delivery technologies with emphasis
on marketing flexibility, client integration and
customer support.

Documents may be composed and stored in HTML and/or PDF format depending on customer viewing preference. All HTML documents are coded for compatibility on all web browsers.


  • HTML and/or PDF display
  • Custom-design site view
  • Check-viewing hyperlink (PDF/HTML)
  • Customer-controlled authentication
  • Targeting-specific inserts (Current Offerings)
  • Client-specific disclosures, etc.
  • Enrollment/un-enrollment control
  • Account-specific marketing
  • Multi-tier administrator access
  • Document import to client warehouse
  • NEW! Marketing on pre-entry page(s)
  • NEW! eNotification for critical documents

All documents generated by BDI are eligible for Online Presentment and eArchive.

"Along with printing and mailing six separate statement jobs, BDI helped us introduce a new custom-designed statement, including eStatements, to our customers. The eStatements product included "cancelled check" viewing and the exact features we needed. This resulted in e-Branch becoming our fastest growing service product over the next year.

We are pleased that BDI has been able to stay on the forefront of technology and allow us to offer our banking customers the products and services that they need and want." (RM)

eStatements posted

Tree 58,200
trees saved

Money $99,869,755
postage savings

We are saving everyone some green!

Updated: April 2017

  • BDI specializes in composition and delivery solutions across Web, Mail, Archive and Marketing channels.

    Our mission is to build and deliver critical solutions and services with a keen eye on the needs of our customers and the demands of future technologies.

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