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This new and evolving BDI service is a product of our proven track record in coding need-specific workflow solutions for our customers for over 30 years. Long-hidden behind the scenes, we are blending our data handling and workflow technologies with state-of-the-art analytics to bring you relationship building solutions that we believe will be rewarding for your institution.

We are in the early days of building and releasing this service. We urge your comments and thoughts as we move forward.

We are releasing this service to customers and prospects as they become available. The release sequence is currently set at:

  • Skip-A-Pay Lending
  • Customer Survey
  • Loan Pre-Approval
  • Broad Campaign Approach

"You could say we volunteered to "be the guinea pig" and glad that we did. The email Skip-A-Pay campaign we did exceeded expectations, including the follow-on emails that played a significant role in achieving even better results.

The cost or expense in running this project washes out of our marketing budget except for staff costs. This was just the kind of thing we needed and we expect to keep this in our schedule every year. " (PC)

eStatements posted

Tree 58,200
trees saved

Money $99,869,755
postage savings

We are saving everyone some green!

Updated: April 2017

  • BDI specializes in composition and delivery solutions across Web, Mail, Archive and Marketing channels.

    Our mission is to build and deliver critical solutions and services with a keen eye on the needs of our customers and the demands of future technologies.

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