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eStatements - Frequently Asked Questions


Can we have an administrative ID for each Customer Services employee?

Yes, you can have as many IDs as you need. Any Administrator can create other Administrative IDs.

Can we prevent a Customer Services employee from viewing other employee's statements?

Yes. There is a profile setting that will restrict access an employee account. When activated, a Customer Services employee will prompted for the current password of the employee account before access is granted.


Whose Single SignOn do you support?

Digital Insight, Symitar, Cavion Plus, UltraData, standard 2-way Client Authentication, and other solutions custom developed for our clients.

Do you provide a default logon procedure?

Yes. The demonstration site shows the default logon screen, see it here.

Can BDI support a custom Authentication scheme?

Yes. We have written software modules to support many unique types of Authentication, ranging from purely custom designs to standards-based protocols, such as SOAP. We can write one for you.

Give us a call, and we'll be able to talk about your specific requirements.


Can I update or add new Disclosures for the end-user?

When a Disclosure is revised (or a new Disclosure is created) that requires users to read and accept, we ensure that these revised (new) Disclosures are display and 'Accept'ed before access to the site is granted. A permanent record of the date of each signing is maintained.

Email Notification

Do you deliver customizable HTML-based emails?

Yes, we support both text-only and HTML-formatted emails. You can provide your own design or we can assist in its development. See the eMail Samples section for ideas.

Can I add GIF or Flash animations?

Yes. We love sprucing up your communications to your customers.

How do you handle bounced email messages?

All bounced emails can be processed according to your specific needs, such as: sending a postal letter to the user, unenrolling the user, etc

How do you handle queries?

Emails from users that happen to be sent to BDI are automatically forwarded to the designated employee's (or Customer Services') email address. We forward the email in such a way that it appears to have been emailed from the user directly to Customer Services; making it easier and quicker to create a reply.


Can you distinguish between enrollment for multiple document types (Statement, Notices, etc.)?

Yes, we can handle any type or class of document. Each user can select which types he/she would like to receive electronically, at any time. See the Enrollment Tour for typical screens.

How do you handle Disclosure signing?

Each document type (see question/answer above) can have as many Disclosures as you require. Disclosure signing usually occurs just after enrollment has been processed. Each Disclosure must be 'Accepted' before access to the site is permitted. As revised (or new) Disclosures are created (such as a revision in the Schedule of Fees), we ensure that these revised (new) Disclosures are also signed before access to the site is granted. A permanent record of the date of each signing is maintained.

Can you update our in-house system whenever enrollment/unenrollment occurs?

We can update your in-house either in real time or in batch mode. In real time mode, we achieve this through the use of a Web Service module. In batch mode, our reporting system can generate a text file that contains the necessary information to update your database.

Marketing Support

How to you support mail inserts?

Yes. They will appear on the main display page for maximum exposure. See the Guided Tour for an example. You will notice that icons are used to represent the underlying inserts. Normally, these inserts are created by your in-house graphics department or outside vendor. They are usually in PDF format. These inserts should be converted to HTML (although not required) and the images should be compressed. We can perform this conversion, if you desire.

We also need an "eye candy" (graphic object) for each insert, such as (add pop-up animated GIF on hover) for an Auto Loan insert. We support the standard images: GIF, animated GIF, JPEG and Flash ... or can create these for you, if you desire.

How do we ensure that an insert disappears from the site on the appropriate date?

Yes. When you send us your new inserts for the upcoming cycle, just tell us the beginning and ending dates.

How do I know if the inserts are being read?

We provide a report that will summarize and/or detail the activity of your inserts.

Do you support MCIF export?


Do you support targeted marketing?


Can you display our Newsletter?

Yes. The Newsletter is available on your eStatement site; see the Guided Tour for an example. Normally, it is created by your in-house graphics department or outside vendor, usually in PDF format. This may be converted to HTML (although not required or optimum). All PDF images should be compressed. We can perform this conversion, if you desire.


Can our Statement layout be customized?


Am I restricted to just one message for my statements?

No. You provide us with the graphic image(s) (GIF, animated GIF, JPEG or Flash) that contains your statement message(s). You will also need to provide us with the information necessary to determine how the messages are applied; usually via mail code or MCIF export data. These messages do not have to be the same as the messages on the printed statement.

Do you support MCIF export?

Yes. We are able to process all the data contained within an MCIF export file and use this information in a targeted marketing scenario.

Do you support targeted marketing?

Yes. Using mail codes, MCIF export data, or other format, we can support your targeted marketing campaigns.

Can I add GIF or Flash animations?

Yes, you can have any type of GIF, animated GIF, JPEG or Flash presentation on the Statement.

What formats do you support; HTML, PDF?

Although we can support just about any format, HTML or PDF are the only format for all practical purposes.

What file formats and Data Processing Systems do you support?

We can accept all common input formats, which include (but not limited to): print stream, data file, XML, etc. Currently we support these Systems:

  • CMC
  • CUSA
  • EPL
  • FiServ (CBS)
  • FiServ (Summit)
  • FiServ (XP Systems)
  • Integrasys
  • Metavante
  • OSI
  • re:MemberData
  • Jack Henry (Symitar)
  • Harland (Ultradata)
  • Users
How long can the statements be stored?

Its basically your choice; from 1 month to 7 years. Each document type (Statement, Visa, Daily Notice, etc.) can have separate storage time frames.

Can you display check images?

Yes, see Check Image Display in the Resources section.

Web Site

Can the site be customized to look like our site?



What is the price for this service?

Pricing is dependent upon several options. A sales representative will be able to determine the price according to your needs. Just give us a call.

What is the normal implementation timeframe?

We can have the first beta test run cycle completed within 2 weeks, and go live shortly thereafter. Of course, this depends upon the amount of customizations you require, which may extend this timeframe.

What is expected of us during the implementation?

We provide a document that details the items we need from you (such as Disclosures, logos, beta test group IDs, etc.).

Do you have a beta test plan that we can follow?

Yes, we provide a suggested test plan. It is a rather simply and easy to follow plan.


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