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Secure Data Handling Of Customer Content

The Optimum Solution

Efficient and secure handling of customer content remains our biggest priority. For file transfer, we developed a platform with client-side controls to identify users in support of a confident exchange of proprietary content. The platform is consistently monitored as part of our security policies.


Customer Data Links Directly To Production

Production files are typically "pushed" by our customers, allowing us to assign files to specific jobs or workflows based on customer instruction. On this path, we track file associations (and more), enabling "triggered" production processing at a rapid and confident rate.

BDI also supports client-side Secure FTP protocols and will "pull" files according to requirement.

READ ON!  We recently added some exciting new functionality that we believe could re-define remote processing controls in the future ... in our industry at least!

ClientConnect - Next Generation Online Job Submittal

The ClientConnect platform extends client control of instructions for scheduled production. A customer submits job-specific details in several categories and applies them to a scheduled job (or jobs). At BDI, we track and validate those instructions while also responding to client instructions. Once a job is client-approved for production, it is queued for automated processing, pending only final production files.

The following are some of the features included:

  • Production file submittal (primary, merge, etc.) (Web and Mail)
  • Message graphics and targeting instructions (Web and Mail)
  • Targeted inserts and web offerings (Web and Mail)
  • Press printing requests for Newsletters, Envelopes, etc. (Mail)
  • Integrated Job Approval (PDF samples and Reporting)
ClientConnect / Job Submittal

This workflow approach has allowed BDI to become one of the fastest, most reliable document composition companies in the U.S. ClientConnect extends and streghtens our ability to meet critical turnarounds on jobs of all sizes and complexity.

We have invested specifically in data security while creating workflow tools to enable validation of client content along with every document we produce. In this regard, data security is more than just knowing where and how your data is stored.

Need More Facts?

Futher information on workflow capabilities can be found at Workflow and Document Design. If you would like a demonstration of JobMit or any of BDI's production tools, a Webex demonstration is always available on qualified request. (Look for future articles on JobMit at this site or industry publications and conferences.

More specific information on security can be found at Security with additional information available on qualified request.

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Updated: April 2017

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